Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fitness Challenge: Days 1-5

Time to start my Fitness Challenge! (click here to read what this challenge is all about)

Day 1: Program Day
So I tried out the program. It's short and sweet. And by sweet, I mean friggin’ difficult. 6 exercises and I am sweating. Profusely. For 3 of the 6 exercise (Side Bridge, Push-up; and Bird Dog Pushup) I do 3 sets of just 6 reps.
And I thought I was in shape??

Day 2: Interval Training Day
Feeling quite smug with myself for starting a new workout program, I set out on my interval training in the park. By the time I returned home I had been knocked down a peg or two. 20 minute run with only 4 30-second sprints. I was sprinting at about 80% and jogging at about 50%.
Have intervals always been this hard??

Day 3: Program Day
Wrap Around Ankle Touch is gettin' the job done, I can tell. My ass is killing me.

Day 4: Program Day
I almost copped out on the workout today with a medical note reading: glutes too sore to bend down. Then I reminded myself: it's only half an hour! The exercises feel easier today. I'd like to think I'm seeing results already, but I think it's more likely I'm just getting the hang of how to do them properly.
Still can't complete full 15 reps for each exercise. And yes, I know I was supposed to do an interval training day today, but Day 2 scared me into doing the program 2 days in a row.

Day 5: Rest day!
A day early, but my ass-leg (the muscle below your butt and above your hamstring) needs it.


  1. Hey! Saw your post on Womens Health. I'm going to try this little work out as well. I'm also doing interval training for a 5k run (like you mentioned in your other post) and thought I'd give you a little tip that's worked well for me. If you have an ipod, there is a free podcast called "podrunner" that really helps with the running. It pushes me to the next interval until the music changes and pairs the beats per minute to set your pace. Just an FYI. Good luck!

  2. I'm going to try this workout, too! Thanks for the inspiration & good luck.
    Tara: where can I find the "podrunner" podcast? Sorry if that's a dumb question. :-)

  3. Hey Tara! Send us a link to that podrunner podcast! I remember seeing it on the site but it seems to have disappeared. I'd love to try it out.
    Good luck to both you ladies!