Hi. I'm Elizabeth and I have this blog, Like That Scene From Rocky.  I really enjoy setting goals and challenging myself.  I also like to write and will compusively research various topics.  From these interests comes my blog. 

I set a goal or challenge, and write about my progress in completing it.  I will, as honestly as possible, share my tips, sucesses, and failures.  Hopefully I will inspire you to complete a challenge or two, and my journey will make yours a little easier. 

Why "Like That Scene From Rocky"?
I love that feeling you get when you complete a task, goal, or challenge you knew was going to be difficult.  I express my elation by throwing my hands up in the air in victory and jumping around... Like that scene from Rocky.  You can click on the picture of Rocky at the top of the sidebar to watch the scene :)

Please visit my "Achieving Goals" Page to see the method I use to set and achieve the goals and challenges I set out.

My ultimate goal with this blog is to inspire you to set your own goals.  I want to show you that setting goals for yourself isn't as hard or as scary as it may seem at first, and success is possible, and probable if you follow your action plan.  Most importantly, I want to show you that it's ok to fail!!

If I've succeeded in doing any of these things, please let me know!    

Have a Challenge for Me? Do you have a challenge or goal you'd like to see me complete? Maybe you have something you'd like to turn into a habit, but you'd like some company doing it? Let me know and we'll create something together!

Comments, questions, criticisms make my day.  Please share!

Shoot me an email: bthfisher@gmail.com