Sunday, May 15, 2011

Challenge: The Spartan Sprint

This is how you celebrate when you're almost finished a race... like that scene from Rocky!

On Saturday I ran in a race called The Spartan Sprint with my boyfriend, brother, and his girlfriend.
The Spartan Sprint is a 5 km obstacle course designed by US Marines.  Absolutely grueling, but also incredibly fun!

Spoiler Alert! If you are considering doing the race, I suggest not reading on! Half the fun of the race is not knowing what obstacles are coming your way!

So the race consists of a 5 km trail run and a series of obstacles. Each year and race the obstacles are different, and you aren't told what they are before the race.  Going into the race without knowing the obstacles absolutely adds to the excitement.  This year the obstacles were (in order of appearance):
Fire jump; run through a river; blow up a balloon while running uphill; standing on a bridge, pull a rock tied to a rope up from the river; carry a bucket of rocks up a hill; a tent run; a balance beam; a rock pull; a wall climb; crawl through the mud under barbed wire; scale a cargo netting A-Frame; a javelin throw; a wall scale; and finally... dodge a real life spartan!!

Fire Jump!


Barbed Wire Injuries

Scale a Wall

Menacing Spartan Guy

It was a great race, but totally exhausting.  The best thing about it was the sense of comradery between the contestants.  Everyone cheered you on and was quick to offer help if you were having trouble with one of the obstacles.

I was nervous that I wasn't in good enough shape to complete it, but that turned out to be a waste of worrying-energy.  Everyone did the race at their own pace, and there were definitely some places I slowed it down to a walk!

Still feel like you need to work on your fitness a bit before the race? Head over to and pick up the Navy Seal Fitness Guide.  It comes with an instructional DVD, 12 week fitness program, and even works for the beginner Spartan Sprinter.  $15 well spent if you want to make the best of your race.

Check out the Spartan Sprint website ( for videos or more info.


  1. Thank you! I was so nervous that I wouldnt be able to do it, being a below average athelete, but I feel a little better now! Rock on!!!

    1. That's great news! Remember - its not about finishing with the fastest time, its about enjoying the race! Good luck!

  2. I am a 37 year old type one diabetic wanting to do the Spartan Sprint. Some people say that this race is grueling. Others say it is fun and not at all hard if you take your time. I was wondering if you knew any diabetics out there who have done the race?

    1. Thanks for commenting! The other people you spoke to are absolutely right - if you do it as fast as you can, grueling is a great way to describe it. If you slow down and take your time its definitely more enjoyable. They give you lots of time to finish too. I ended up doing it in 33 minutes, but I have friends who finished in 45, an hour, and longer. And they, unlike myself, were actually able to stand up afterwards!
      Unfortunately I dont personally know any diabetics who have done the race, but keep looking and I'm sure you'll find someone!
      Good luck!