Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fitness Challenge: Conclusion!

Well, I did it! Here's a quick breakdown of my thoughts on this challenge.

Amount of time: 28 days / 4 weeks
Times I completed the Program: 10
Times I did interval training: 9
Rest Days: 9

It’s 28 days later. How did I feel about the workout program? 

I really enjoyed how each of the exercises targeted a different part of the body.  It offered a fast, complete, alternative workout to those huge machines at the gym.  I certainly felt the burn after doing this workout, which I was somewhat surprised about given the simplicity and small number of exercises.  I began to notice a difference after about a week, as my quads got more toned.  The real differences, though, came right around the third week.  This was when I noticed I was looking forward to working out, and it wasn't impossible to do the exercises right from the outset. 

If you are going to take up this program, I highly recommend you pair it with an additional cardio workout as I did.  While the program had me breathing hard and sweating, it is no cardio substitute for a 20 minute run. 

This is an absolutely fantastic workout to do when you can’t get to the gym.  While I loved this total-body workout, I personally wouldn’t make it part of my everyday workout routine.  It’s simply too limited to give a proper, extensive workout over a long period of time.  That being said, it is perfect for those times you can’t get to the gym because you are travelling, too busy, etc. 

I also recommend taking up this program if you are just starting to work out.  It is hard, but doable, and it is quick! Get through a couple weeks of this program, then work your way up to a more comprehensive workout routine.

How did I feel about Interval Training?

Interval training is absolutely the greatest thing in the world!  I thought I was in shape, but if you were to throw some 30 second sprints at me I’d be finished in 10 minutes.  I saw my fitness level increase substantially as soon as I began running with intervals.  I got in far better shape far faster than I ever did simply by running. 

Another thing I suggest is to avoid that flat, track running; get out to somewhere where there are a few inclines (hills, gradual climbs, even stairs).  Just like sprints, running up a hill or two will get your heart working.

In Conclusion:
I’m not sure if I can say I was ‘successful’ at my challenge (I had a few more rest days that I originally planned) but overall I think I did pretty darn well.  My cardio improved, I got much more toned in my arms and hamstrings, and I am now able to multiple push ups.

Looking back I would set this to a difficultly level of 8/10, and highly recommend you to try it and let me know how it goes for you!

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