Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fitness Challenge: Days 22 - 28

Day 28:  Program Day

Today was the last day of my scheduled program.  I took my time, and focused on my breathing and doing the exercises correctly.  I was able to get through all of them, except for those damn push ups.  I still did 3 reps of 10 push ups though! And my arms are looking much better for it.

Day 27: Rest Day

To be honest, I just felt lazy today.

Day 26: Program and Interval Training

It’s nice to find that just over 3 weeks ago I could barely get through 20 minutes of interval training and/or the complete program. Now I am doing both in a single day! That’s the kind of progress that makes this all worth while!

Lesson Learned: In any workout program, results are not going to be immediate. Quick fixes aren’t fixes at all, so stick to it!

On a personal note, today I signed the papers to close on my dream house in Mount Pleasant, Vancouver.  It was built in 1912, and I will spend the summer renovating it with my family.  Perhaps that could be my next challenge…?

Day 25: Running Day - The glorious return to Vancouver

I am back to running with my dog in the wonderful trails around Capilano dam, and doing the program in my parent’s living room (which is actually bigger than our entire apartment in Paris).  I’ve been exploring these trails since I was 11, and despite knowing them like the back of my hand, I doubt running in them will ever get boring.

Lesson Learned: No matter where you are, try and get outside to work out! You don’t have to have the French countryside or BC rain forest outside your door, the bottom line is: fresh air beats stale a gym/house environment any day!

Day 24: Rest Day

Can’t work out on a plane! 
I had a pleasant surprise when I was getting dressed today. I threw on a pair of shorts and caught a glimpse of my hamstrings in the mirror. They are looking much better than they did 3 weeks ago…  I guess that means the program is working!

Day 23: Another Running Day -  Running it is…

Yes, this program does not require a lot of space. But it still requires more space than our 300 sq. ft. Paris apartment affords.

Day 22: Running Day – I’m not running FROM anything guys…

We left Bordeaux today and took the train to Paris.  Paris is a funny city to jog in. Granted, you see more runners in the city now, but when my father and I first started coming here we got the strangest looks from people when we would go jogging.  People would glance around, a bit nervous, as if to ask, “What are you running away from? Should we be running too?!”

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