Friday, May 20, 2011

Can Decluttering Help you Lose Weight?

I came accross an interesting series of articles over at  In them, Peter Walsh explains how clearing clutter can help you lose weight

Of course, he isn't speaking literally.  Throwing out 10 pounds of stuff won't subtract the same amount from your butt (unfortunately).  Walsh notes that the reasons we accumulate clutter - such as emotional distress or trauma - are also often the reasons behind weight issues.  By tackling the issues that cause clutter, not just the clutter itself, we are facing our weight-loss issues.

This article highlights an interesting concept I have been thinking a lot about since I started this challenge... Clearing clutter requires more than just throwing things away.  If you don't deal with the issues that underlie your addiction to clutter, 6 months after your purge you will be right back where you started. 

It makes me wonder... where does my addiction to "things" come from, and how can I get over it?


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