Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How I Conquered my Bathroom Clutter

Bring it on, bathroom clutter.

I followed the tips I laid out in my Bathroom Clutter post and the strategies in my Goal Achieving Action Plan I created at beginning of this challenge. 

Read on to see how I fared!

Tylenol from 2007. 

First, I have to note that I already did (what I thought was) a thorough decluttering of my stuff before my first move.

But once I get started, I'm amazed at what I missed. Prescriptions from 2008, Tamiflu from my 2009 trip to Cambodia, Tylenol that expired in 2007 (gasp, I took one of these on Friday!) Wow. Clutter can be seriously bad for your health.

About halfway through I realize: I lugged all this crap from Vancouver to Montreal, left it in Montreal for years, then brought it back again?? That makes me feel like a bit of an idiot.

All my bathroom supplies: BEFORE

All my bathroom supplies: AFTER
The pink bag on the left is stuff I use everyday.
The purple box on the left is my Pharmacy!

Stuff I got rid of: electric toothbrush parts from who knows how long ago, an old hair straightener, incredibly old nail polish, old prescriptions, jewellery (to be given away) and old makeup.

I'm not sure if I quite made my 50% quota, but I was pretty darn close.  I think the bathroom declutter was an overall success!

What I Learned:

1. Free = Clutter. I need to stop taking mini soaps and shampoos from hotels.  Just because its free, it does NOT mean I should take it!

2. Don't hesitate on stuff to donate. When I am given smelly lotions, creams, and bubble baths for Christmas they will be donated straight away, otherwise they are bound to sit under the sink for years until they go bad.

3. Buy the small version of hair sprays, gels, shampoos and lotions. I am very minimalist when it comes to using hair product, makeup, and lotions, so the big ones just sit and collect dust until I am bored of them and buy a new one... which just leads to clutter.

That's it for my bathroom... now on to my closet....

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