Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vegan Challenge: Vegan Quiche

Doughnuts at the Snack Table: An glance at my last month of very tempting emails.

My Day 3 Thoughts:

Without fail, at least 3 times a week a mass email gets sent out from various people in my office. The subject line reads something like, "Cookies at the usual spot!! :):) " or today's, "Doughnuts at the snack table!" There was 4 dozen of them. I don't even really like doughnuts (hah, lie. I love them but know how bad they are for me so I tell everyone I hate them). Try again: My self-control is usually quite good, but today, knowing I can't have those doughnuts, those damn doughy circles of goodness were on my mind all day.

I suppose its actually a good thing I "can't have" the doughnut.  As I mentioned yesterday, it's not like I'm particularly hungry. 

But that makes me wonder, had it not been for the vegan diet, would I want the Boston Creme this bad?

And if I were a "real vegan," sworn not to consume animal products for truly ethical and moral reasons far bigger than myself, would I still want the Boston Creme? Or would the thought of those poor cows and chickens be enough to put me off completely?

I also wonder... is there some small part of the Boston Creme that's vegan, and I could just eat that?

This is only day 3.

My Day 3 Menu:

Breakfast: Granola and Soy Milk
Snack: Pumpkin and Sunflower Seeds
Lunch: Last night's leftover (faux) Chicken Quesadilla
Snack: Apple
Dinner: Quiche

So I made this quiche... it took me forever. And I was excited about it because it required a lot of steps, a lot of garlic, a lot of sauteing spices. Sounds like it should be great, right? WRONG. It just tasted like tofu. The only redeeming feature was that I couldn't find a vegan pie crust, so I used a regular pastry crust, which was sweet and delicious (but cheating).

Here's the recipe. Everyone else seems to love it so perhaps I did something wrong??

Here's a lesson learned: When the deliciousness of a dish is largely based on a single ingredient (in quiche's case: eggs) you can't replace that ingredient with something else and expect it to taste the same!!!

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