Monday, April 18, 2011

Vegan Challenge: Weekend 1 - Guilty Milk and Egg-based Pleasures

Want to know what I did this weekend?

Confession time:

I came home from the bar on Saturday night and had a piece of toast. NON-VEGAN toast. It did have vegan breakfast patty's on it though. And ketchup... and ranch dressing (also non-vegan). It sounds more gross than it tasted.

I had a family dinner on Sunday and was able to refrain from eating the roast beef. I went through much trouble to make my own special vegan mashed potatoes and falafels in place of the roast beast. When it came time to eat, I did however, proceed to cover my entire plate in gravy. Bad vegan!

And then I had a cookie.

Ok, so clearly weekends are hard. Really, really hard.

But I did have to pick up 3 Subway sandwiches for my brother and dad (who are currently renovating my basement) and I made it out with only a salad.  Which is impressive, because Subway is one of my favourite things in the world. 

What did we learn?

 (That I love gravy? and cookies?)

Plan ahead (meticulously) when going out for a meal. I thought I had my whole vegan alternative meal planned out, but I forgot about two very important additions: sauce and desert. If your will-power is as bad as mine, careful planning is your best ally.

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